Premium Shaved Ham
$2.40 per 100g $23.99 per kg
Roast Chicken
$10.99 each
$7.99 per kg
Streaky Bacon
$19.99 per kg
Greek Aust Feta
$25.99 per kg
$19.99 per kg
Pitted Kalamata Olives
$24.99 per kg
$19.99 per kg
Fromager D' Affinois
$99.99 per kg
Semi Dried Tomatoes
$36.99 per kg
$26.99 per kg
Short Cut Bacon
was $17.99 $13.00 per kg
Free Range Roast Chicken
$11.99 each
Haloumi Cheese
$34.99 per kg
Kalamata Olives
$19.99 per kg
Locally Smoked Leg Ham
$28.99 per kg
Roast Beef
was $31.99 $29.00 per kg
Roast Turkey
$29.99 per kg
Bulgarian Sheeps Fetta
$32.99 per kg
Diced Bacon
$16.99 per kg
Mixed Greek Olives
$25.99 per kg
Shaved Salami
$33.99 per kg
Caprakaas Goats Cheese
$57.99 per kg
Chicken & Garlic Balls
$30.99 per kg
$0.90 Each (approx.) $13.99 per kg
Welove Pizza Grmt 3cheese600gm
$8.00 each $1.33 per 100g
Welove Pizza Grmt Chkn/​Bc600gm
$11.00 each $1.83 per 100g
Basil Pesto
$29.99 per kg
$18.99 per kg
Chicken Loaf
$11.99 per kg
Danish Fetta
$23.99 per kg
Fennel & Garlic Salami
$54.99 per kg
Fire Roasted Peppers
$16.99 per kg
Fiss Vegan Baklava 320g
$13.75 each $0.04 per 100g
Free Range Bacon
$33.50 per kg
Ham Off The Bone
$28.99 per kg
$31.99 per kg
Locally Roasted Pork
$29.99 per kg
Marinated Mushroom
$39.99 per kg
Nimbin White Cow
$57.99 per kg
$45.99 per kg
$62.99 per kg
Queen Green Olives
$22.99 per kg
Rocket And Fetta Pesto
$33.46 per kg
Sopressa Hot
$35.99 per kg
Spicy Red Pesto
$29.99 per kg
Split Green Olives
$29.99 per kg
Stuffed Peppers
$47.99 per kg
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