Fussy Cat Grain Free Prime Steak Mince Chilled Cat Food 5 x 90g

$7.20 each $1.60 per 100g


Real meat, just as nature intended.

Fussy Cat was founded on the belief that our little feline carnivores deserve only the finest ingredients – food that’s full of taste, but free from grains & unnecessary fillers.

Don't deny your cat the taste and texture of Fresh meat.

See how excited they will get with our Prime Steak mince made with real Australian meat as the main source of protein.

This complete and balanced chilled cat food provides your cat with all the tastes they love and the nutrition they need in five single serves for your meaty convenience.

Want a different flavour? Why not try our Prime steak mince with Lamb & Liver or single-serve 70g cups

Mix it up with some of Fussy Cat Oral Health Dry Cat Food or Fussy Cat Cruncher Treats.

Complete & Balanced nutrition

Australian Made


Fresh Kangaroo, Fresh Meat (Beef and/or Pork and/or Lamb and/or Chicken), Natural Flavour, Natural Gels, Calcium and Sodium Salts, Amino Acids, Natural Colour, Food Acid, Thiamine, Preservative (220) Antioxidant, Taurine.

Storage Instructions

Store below 4°C

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